All About YASC

YASC is short for the Young Adult Service Corp, a mission program of the Episcopal Church.
You can check out their website here for more info and some great videos.

In the 2015-2016 year I was but one of the many young adults that was sent out to different Anglican dioceses around the world.  Below are some links for some of my fellow YASCers and friends' blogs.
**As my year in YASC has ended, many of my friends have already completed their time in the program, and with a new year comes new YASCers, so the blogs at the top are of those of my peers staying on for another year, and those in the next YASC "class"!**

Tristan - The Phillipines
Naomi - France
James R - Japan
Rachel M - Brazil (Year 2 with YASC) She is serving through YASC in North Dakota!
Bryan (blog is in Spanish, but translates ok) - Brazil (Rio)

And here's the crew for the next 2016-17 year:
Adrienne - Hong Kong
Lexy - Costa Rica
Alexa - Costa Rica
Mitch - Haiti
Zach - Hong Kong
Kate - Liverpool
Jourdan - Southwestern Brazil
Jack - Jerusalem
Emily - Liverpool
Elijah - Haiti
Kellan - The Philippines
Wil - Japan
Charles - South Africa
Brooklyn - Panama
Tristan - The Philippines

Ale - Costa Rica
Jacob - South Africa
Andy -Tanzania (Andy is continuing with the Episcopal Service Corp [other program] in the USA)
Lacey - South Africa(Lacey is also doing ESC)
Kate - Costa Rica
Andy - Hong Kong
Charles - Italy
Paola (also in Spanish) - Italy
Annie - England
Eliza - Haiti
Emilie - Honduras
Mary Grace - Hong Kong
Thomas - South Africa
Tim - South Africa
Ellen - Brazil
Eric - The Phillipines
Kayla - The Philllipines (Year 2 with YASC)
Elly - Panama
Catherine - The Phillipines
James F - Panama
James G - El Salvador


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